Example GitHub PHP Project


As a former independent web developer, I had very little use for GitHub as my project base consisted of small business owners and their requirements mostly never got past having a WordPress website and business email setup.

Today, using Git repos are vital for my workflow as I’ve been working with various teams to push web apps to live status. Now, I can’t picture not using Git repos for any project. After being a largely siloed developer, my work is now part of a very collaborative process.

With that said, I’ve been working on a personal project, jsldvr/example.com, which is a PHP web app that is supposed to make developing a website as easy as possible for those that use cPanel or AWS. The app is more of an exercise in learning how to use GitHub, and building a secure PHP app from scratch.

I don’t have a road map with this project. I simply want to have fun with it and learn as much as I can about collaborating and/or developing on GitHub.

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