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  • Saturday morning vibe…


    Cleaning up some personal projects and performing some maintenance on some personal deployments.

  • Reblog: Site Editor Tools

    Reblog: Site Editor Tools


    The Site Editor gives you a powerful way to visually create every part of your site and tell your story.

  • Refining for microblog

    Refining for microblog


    I’ve recently revamped the website to embrace a more microblog-centric design compared to its previous layout. The navigation has been streamlined to three essential sections: ‘About,’ ‘Blog,’ and ‘Contact.’ The primary aim of this blog is to serve as the main channel for sharing my public thoughts and notes on topics I’m passionate about. While…

  • How-to Backup a WordPress Website Using WP-CLI

    How-to Backup a WordPress Website Using WP-CLI


    Backing up a WordPress website using WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) involves several steps. Here’s a general guide on how to do it: 1. Install WP-CLI If you haven’t already installed WP-CLI, you’ll need to do so. You can find the installation instructions on the WP-CLI’s official website. 2. Access Your Server You’ll need SSH…

  • Credit Card Testing

    Credit Card Testing


    PayPal sandbox testing guide The PayPal sandbox is a self-contained, virtual testing environment that simulates the live PayPal production environment. The sandbox provides a shielded space where you can initiate and watch while your apps process PayPal API requests without touching any live PayPal accounts.

  • Image Tag Cheat Sheet

    Image Tag Cheat Sheet


    Basic Usage Attributes Attribute Description src The path to the image file. alt The text to display if the image fails to load. width The width of the image in pixels. height The height of the image in pixels. title The text to display when the user hovers over the image. Example Notes

  • LAMP Stack Setup

    LAMP Stack Setup


    Setup for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or 22.04 LTS

  • Introducing new GitHub Copilot features in VS Code!
  • Getting a little fed up: I cannot easily share on WP

    Getting a little fed up: I cannot easily share on WP

    With the “death of Twitter,” and social media in general, I’d like to take back my content. It’s just not currently easy to share content to my blog.

  • Going to try Copilot chat

    Going to try Copilot chat

    This is… nice.