The Stanley Draper Special

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my 2-liter bobber, aka The Stanley Draper Special, and here are some photos on the rig I use while fishing at Stanley Draper Lake in Oklahoma. I didn’t come up with this rig. I learned it from watching my friend, JR, fish big catfish at Draper. I’m not sure where he got it from. Since then, I’ve shared it with others that’ve been interested. The basic idea is, it’s a slip bobber catfish rig. Continue reading “The Stanley Draper Special”

The Unlucky Hunter: How to Mag a Penn 309

Recently, I’ve been hearing about anglers using the Penn levelwind reels, “magging” them. In short, that’s the process of adding magnets within the reel to help prevent bird’s nesting when casting the rod. Below, I found a tutorial that goes over that process.

It is hard to find a more reliable reel than a penn reel. They are rugged, dependable, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. I recently purchase a used Penn 309 level wind off eBay. I think I paid less than $30 for it. The 309 is a workhorse that is capable of catching any freshwater fish in North America and most of the saltwater fishes. From monster catfish to medium shark, it is a great reel!

Source: The Unlucky Hunter: How to Mag a Penn 309

Dove Season Opens Thursday; Hunt Free This Weekend

This weekend ought to be fun…I just need a shotgun.

Oklahoma has three species of dove: Mourning dove is the most common; Eurasian collared doves are common especially around human habitation; and white-winged doves have continued to expand in number across the state.

The daily limit for mourning and white-winged doves is 15 birds in any combination. There is no daily limit on collared doves provided the head or a feathered wing remains attached to the bird while in the field.

Dove hunters are reminded to make sure their shotgun can hold a maximum of three shotshells at any one time, and to carry their hunting license and federal Harvest Information Permit while in the field, unless exempt.

Source: News Release: Dove Season Opens Thursday; Hunt Free This Weekend