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  • Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

    Linux Commands Cheat Sheet


    Here’s a list of common commands along with their descriptions and usage examples: This is just a basic set of commands, and there are many more commands and options in Linux. For detailed information and more commands, you can always use the man command followed by the command name to read the manual pages.

  • Crontab



    Issue: How to setup cron jobs in Ubuntu (and Linux)? Solution: Setting up cron jobs on a Linux system like Ubuntu is a straightforward process. Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that your system runs at specified times or intervals. Here’s how you can set them up: Accessing the Cron Table: Special Syntax: Instead of the…

  • LAMP Stack Setup

    LAMP Stack Setup


    Setup for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or 22.04 LTS

  • PDF to HTML

    PDF to HTML


    WSL, Ubuntu 20.05, command line, for “PDF to HTML.” Step by step. Here are the short instructions to convert a PDF to HTML using WSL with Ubuntu 20.04: That’s it!