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  • Difference between String Concatenation and String Interpolation in Python
  • `for` loops in Python

    `for` loops in Python


  • MySQL Query Cheat Sheet

    MySQL Query Cheat Sheet


  • Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

    Linux Commands Cheat Sheet


    Here’s a list of common commands along with their descriptions and usage examples: This is just a basic set of commands, and there are many more commands and options in Linux. For detailed information and more commands, you can always use the man command followed by the command name to read the manual pages.

  • Image Tag Cheat Sheet

    Image Tag Cheat Sheet


    Basic Usage Attributes Attribute Description src The path to the image file. alt The text to display if the image fails to load. width The width of the image in pixels. height The height of the image in pixels. title The text to display when the user hovers over the image. Example Notes

  • Regex Cheat Sheet

    Regex Cheat Sheet


    Simple Examples Examples Quantifiers Character Classes Anchors Groups Flags Special Characters Lookarounds Unicode Categories POSIX Classes

  • JavaScript String Cheat Sheet v2

    JavaScript String Cheat Sheet v2


    I was looking through the site for the old post, which was… less than helpful. Here’s the updated cheat sheet for quick reference.