#OKWX Lightning Storm

Rigging for the Big Fish

I didn’t catch anything that day. I was looking for an ambitious fish.

Interesting Marquee

Spring time in Oklahoma

One thing I love about Oklahoma is the fishing. There’s no shortage of either a lake or pond nearby where you can get a hook wet.

Dirty Laundry

The moment I turn on the morning shows, I’m immediately hit with unsubstantiated claims and allegations. It’s to the point where the media has resorted to cannibalism for news stories. It’s nothing new, of course, as bubble-heads need anything to keep our attention and frothing at the mouth of the daily events that shape our world views.


Justice League

This looks like a fun movie…

Another Pawn Shop Gold Find

I found another Made in the USA Penn-Peer 109 reel at a local pawn shop (where I do most of my tackle shopping). This time, however, it came with a rod. I’m not sure if it’s also a Penn from the same era, but, it does look like it can be from the late 40’s to early 50’s.