Writing, writing, writing

I love to write.  Most people that know me personally wouldn’t even think that I’m, in any sort of way, a writer.  Whatever the reason, it matters not.  Writing is a relationship you have with the reader – not the relationship you have with your mother, brother/sister, friends, etc.

The reader judges for themselves whether the author has a valid point or is simply entertaining.  This is not to say that my family or friends don’t care – they probably do, they just don’t know.  Oddly enough, in the past, I’ve gained a little notice mostly from strangers and internet commentators.

Back then, I considered myself a blogger rather than a writer.  One simple fact remains – not everyone can write!  Most would confuse senseless ramblings with the ability to write an opus magnus.  Yet, writing is reserved for those who wish to speak.  So rules are out the window, the wheel is on cruse control and I’m ready for the leap back into writing.

It’s been about a year since I’ve written anything which has been read by an internet audience that is interested in more than a 160 character limit.  But, I’m ready.  I am.  Here I go.  No more writer’s block, no more fear of criticism, no more waiting for that moment.  It’s now or never.

Here’s the jump!

So how is it?  What do you think so far?  Have I kept you reading?  If I did, that means you’re interested.  If you’re interested, then I can continue knowing that you’re here, right along with me on this brief journey. So moving along….

What got me started on this post is a dream I had last night.  I wont go into recounting the events in the dream but suffice to say that my wife and I were in a place that I did not want to be in.  I called my brother to help us gather our belongings and without hesitation, he traveled a long ways to help us return home.  In the midst of all the chaos, I woke up to see my wife and I said to her, “There’s no place like home!”

She asked if I had a bad dream and I told her that it was a long and complicated story but thankfully I’m home and I’m grateful to be with my family and most important my wife.  Then I found myself here…writing.  Well, writing after I began my morning cup of coffee.

The children are fed, the eldest is in school, my wife busy with today’s business and I’m looking to expand my mind.  I’m glad I wrote.  Give me one second, let me see how I did…done.  I did alright.  A couple of fixes here and there but the main idea, I believe, came through.

Here I am world.  It’s me, no more handles that keep me anonymous to the world.  Not to worry, I’m sure the splash I make wont move the world, but if I can make one island tremble, then I’ve done my job.  Time to give them hell.