Saldivar Family Crest

Once in a while, I’ll check out the internet to see if I can find a family crest similar to the one passed to me (pre-internet) by a family member. Below, the one on the left was given to me in the early 1990’s. Today, I found the one to the right, here, and noticed some immediate take-aways.

The differences include spelling, from Zaldibar to Saldivar, the helmet, ornamentation around the shield, the shield’s border. Similarities include what appear to be two dogs/wolves, the two keys below the tree (although orientation differs), the pot hanging from the tree with a fire below, the ornament on the tree’s canopy.

Spring time in Oklahoma

One thing I love about Oklahoma is the fishing. There’s no shortage of either a lake or pond nearby where you can get a hook wet.

Another Pawn Shop Gold Find

I found another Made in the USA Penn-Peer 109 reel at a local pawn shop (where I do most of my tackle shopping). This time, however, it came with a rod. I’m not sure if it’s also a Penn from the same era, but, it does look like it can be from the late 40’s to early 50’s.

Pawn Shop Gold

I found this little Penn-Peer 109 (stamped Made in USA) at a local pawn shop at a very good price. After a call to Penn Fishing, I was informed they made these reels in the USA from 1945 to 1954. It’s still in great condition. You can find them new here.