Let’s Punish The Innocent

Screenshot of Google News, this morning.

Yesterday, the first impulse I had was to “Share” and “retweet” and “PressThis” regarding anything about the shooter in Las Vegas (google-it if you’re just finding out about it now). I decided against it, since I’d add nothing to the news. I had to wait.

News was blasted without any thought, then also false-flag conspiracy theories began popping up, which is hard for me to entertain. Hell, I don’t know the facts, how can I simply formulate a completely different scenario to fit into my world view?

People, however, didn’t waste anytime in formulating and sharing their political opinions, false-flag claims, etcetera. What we know? Innocent people were targeted by the wicked, they died, and the survivors now have to live with it. Meanwhile, the rest of us? We move on with our lives and this event goes into the history books. But we get to talk about it.

Human nature is odd, isn’t it? The wicked shed innocent blood, then, generally decent people lend themselves to politicization of an event when they start targeting innocent people for the actions of others. We are blamed for this shooting because we have the right to bare arms.

What happened yesterday was horrific and sad. There was no reason for the shooter to target anyone because he lacked value for his own life. The gunman decided to punish those around him and simply cause as much misery as possible. What’s the motive? I don’t care. It doesn’t change anything. It wont change anything.

Of course, the anti-2nd-amendment media and crowd, now have a new crisis to push their agenda. What’s crazy for me to think is, they actually enjoy these massacres since it gives them tools to push their narrative. The more this occurs, the better.

They want as many victims as possible so people feel vulnerable. They don’t want civilian heroes like the recent school shooting where civilian heroes stopped the shooter. That news died quick. There was no honoring the fallen of that potential massacre.

That’s something I can see. I don’t have to get into conspiracy theories so that it fits into my understanding. The media, anti-2nd people, and anti-constitution people enjoy these massacres because they can push their agenda. I’m not going to entertain them.

They can move to Venezuela where the government is right now confiscating guns from their citizens. They can get back to us and let us know how it’s going. What am I saying? They wont move down there. They enjoy the general security of the USA.

Regarding this event. I don’t see how anyone (including law enforcement or armed-civilians) on the ground would have been able to launch a defense. It was a duck-and-cover moment for those in the line of fire. The way it was handled (speaking as a civilian in another state at the time of the shooting), was the best anyone could do in that situation.

At this moment, people are mobilizing and donating millions of dollars, food, water, and their own blood to the victims. It doesn’t matter what political party or philosophy the recipient or donor is into, they’re Americans and they need help at the moment. We may or may not figure out the motive of the shooter (like it matters, right?), but what we can figure out is how to help each other out in a time of need.

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