An Easily Distracted Nation, How Millionaires Protesting Inequality Falls Flat

I’m watching CBS News This Morning and they seem emboldened by the NFL, Hillary Clinton, and a distracted nation to revamp their attacks on Trump. Of course, this isn’t just an attack on Trump but for those that voted for him, since his election, they have sought to undermine his presidency and our vote. This isn’t an attack on Trump, it’s an attack on democracy.

First it “must-have-been” a racist nation voting for him. The “white lash” against Obama, people of color, and women. Then we should repeal the electoral college vote. Then it was Russian collusion. Then it was Russian interference. Then it was emoluments clause. Firing James Comey. Then it was riots and destruction of public and private property. Then it was Trump, himself, who’s a racist. Now, it’s the NFL protesting… crazy. Sadly, it won’t end.

I don’t forget that this started with Colin Kaepernick and his protest against police and the shooting and killing of black men. The claims of systematic racism against our police force (which happens to be one of the most diverse in the world). Cops aren’t out to kill any people of any particular race. They’re people. Some, from time to time, abuse their power. That’s it. Hold those people accountable.

It seems a little ludicrous that these abuses of power took place during the Obama presidency, and yet, it’s our current president that is blamed. I digress.

Regarding the professional sports teams – where people of all colors and backgrounds are paid ridiculously huge sums of money – who display solidarity protesting inequality falls a little flat with those of us who get up to go to work every single day and are living paycheck to paycheck. For those of us that want to cheer on a team that gives us a sense of pride of where we are from, protesting exactly that… it seems a little self-defeating.

I don’t want to kick a dead horse, but regarding protesting, do it on your time. God bless you if you want to protest to your heart’s content. What America is trying to say is, just don’t block traffic while you do it.  It’s not a difficult message to understand. Unfortunately, the message won’t get through. Anyone that voted for a real change in DC will have to be steadfast and endure. The fight for liberty is on-going. My suggestion is, stay focused.

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