What Democrats Have Wrong on DACA and the Dreamers via The Weekly Standard

The sad fact that most are missing with the mass-hysteria of #DACA is that it’s un-constitutional. If you want immigrants to enjoy the fruit of being in the United States, then wouldn’t stand to reason we’d protect that which enables everyone that said benefit? No; I’m not being a hater, I don’t hate my own kind, I’m not an enemy of Mexicans, and yes I do have compassion…that’s why it’s important to see past the hysteria people have given themselves into. Here’s an interesting article that explores my reservations.

If you feel that the Constitutional constraints on the president’s power should be ignored, are you willing to set a precedent that would allow the current resident of the White House to—with a stroke of the pen—lower taxes on the rich? Close down newspapers that displease him? Bar immigrants of a certain religion?

Source: What Democrats Have Wrong on DACA and the Dreamers | The Weekly Standard

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