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Another political debate goes by and of course, the next morning, the fourth-estate publishes its fact-checking articles, I can only imagine, they’re recovering from a night of hard liquor, a cocaine binge, casual indiscretions, and, extreme Google searches.

They down the liquor, and hit a rail of coke as they have to remind themselves that it’s in the country’s best interest not to allow Trump into office. They sweat as they type, it drips from their sallow faces. They sit out on the balcony lighting a cigarette just before the last one has been put out in their makeshift coffee-cup ashtrays as they type the night way.

In their head they repeat it to themselves, fuck non-partisan politics, and, fuck these ass-holes who vote Trump, don’t they know they’re voting against their own interests? All while wondering how much pressure it would take for their necks to snap if they jumped off the roof of their headquarters with a well-tied noose.

I’m at the point where I say, how dare these bastards?! To think they know what’s in my best interest. These motherfuckers aren’t reporting news and fact-checking. They’re re-writing history while lacing it with commentary and that’s poisoning our well of knowledge. I share the article in question below, and that’s all I’m going to share…holy-fucking-hell…this is enough. They help correct Kaine and his moronic shirking of the truth by using the following key phrase.

Kaine surely meant to say…

What the actual fuck? Who actually believes this garbage? I know this excreta is at a 6th grade reading level… but this dribble? This is the dystopian future we were warned about. They go on. Check out this shit-nugget:

Kaine leans way over on his skis here.

What they meant with that was that Kaine is a miserable fucking liar. There! Was that so hard? I can’t help but laugh at this point. Madness! Madness, I tell you! The article goes on and on defending Kaine, and literally micturates on the truth. They state that Kaine spoke the truth when he said:

Donald Trump during his campaign has called Mexicans rapists and criminals.

As a Mexican-American, I have been paying attention and the gringo never fucking called all Mexicans rapists and criminals. And the audacity of Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, The DNC, and their guards in the media to think that I will believe it after they hammer away at it, until my ears fucking bleed, is absurd beyond belief.

The Washington Post, however, in this article, behaves like a day care worker who’s defending their favorite kid in class after the he bit another kid. “Well! He didn’t mean to do it, he’s usually a good kid!” All while looking at the one that’s been bit with poisonous eyes, “Look at what you made him do!” Let’s fucking get real here.

Donald Trump said what he said because he’s practicing his 1st Amendment Right. You know what? God-bless the man! Unlike Hillary Clinton who has attacked the 1st Amendment – our most sacred value – to protect her ass after our people died because she had a fucking bad day at work. Here’s the evidence, she blames the video at the 1:01 mark:

You cannot make this shit up. This is part of our history. Her attack on the 1st is my number one reason why she’s not qualified to be President of the United States when the Oath of Office explicitly states to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” There is absolutely no blurring of any lines with this one. They have lost all meaning of truth. And on, and on, it keeps going. Defending Clinton. Do they not know that Clinton sets the wrong precedent when she battles with the 1st Amendment?

She has stated that if she’s not elected as POTUS, she’s going to continue running each election cycle until she is elected. To be POTUS, you have to look at it as an honor to serve the American people; it’s not the golden cup of politics. It’s not a natural promotion in politics. It’s a job of the highest distinction and honor in the land.

The printing press is part of our American heritage. There would have never been an incentive for the invention of our free press if it wasn’t for the 1st Amendment.  It’s no wonder the internet grew under the stewardship of this great nation. But when the press uses this God-given right to the truth as a means to spread lies and proliferate mistrust, only for the average citizen not to be able to discern between the fiction and non-fiction, then something is genuinely wrong.

The only industry that is protected by the Constitution of the United States of America has to be at war with itself. I can only surmise that our modern day journalists are in Gulag camps and can’t see themselves simply removing the chains of bondage and becoming free. What’s freedom? In simple terms, it means having access to the truth. That’s the purpose of the free press. The thing that terrifies me is to find out they were complicit.

Well, those are my two-cents. I’m sure that I wont cause a riot at The Washington Post. If I do and journalists end up stampeding each other, then I only hope that Hillary wont go on TV, stand solemnly alongside caskets filled to the brim with editors saying it was some blogger’s fault.

Washington Post: Kaine surely meant to say nuclear weapons but it came out as chemical weapons.

Source: Fact-checking the vice-presidential debate between Kaine and Pence – The Washington Post

tl;dr: Do your own fact-checking.

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