The Horsewhipping of Donald Trump | RealClearPolitics

Below is a link to a very good article by William Murchison. Regarding the New York Times, the media, Donald Trump, and the presidency.

The great American commentariat, online and off, appears to have made up its own mind concerning the choice in November — and to have dedicated itself to making up everyone else’s as well. This, through subjecting the Republican presidential candidate to the journalistic equivalent of a horsewhipping, followed by a trip to the city limits astride a rail.

The part that resonates is the following excerpt.

One thing you have to say for the “progressive” media’s anti-Trump campaign: It takes the readers’ and the viewers’ minds off Hillary Clinton. That is important, as a deep examination of the lady’s credentials could get voters worrying over how much liberty is likely to be left at the end of a Clinton term.

The author offers a very interesting perspective on Trump, Clinton, and Sanders… Link below.

Source: The Horsewhipping of Donald Trump | RealClearPolitics


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