Updating Blog with Twenty Fourteen Theme

After reading this post on WPTavern, I figured I’d give the new WordPress theme, Twenty Fourteen, a try.  Since I am adventurous, I figured I’d download WordPress 3.8 beta, extract Twenty Fourteen, and upload it.

The theme is very cool. The following is a bit of text I added to the Custom CSS to make the thumbnail images behave a bit more like I want., {
	text-align: center;

I’m not using a child theme because I like to use themes out-of-the-box to see how they perform. I also update my blog’s theme once a year when a new standard WP theme is introduced.

Twenty Fourteen has various post formats, support for Featured Images, and various other features that make it beautiful and fun to use.  I like it, and I’m sure any one that uses it will too.

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